12: Two years without social media

Almost two years ago, I posted on YouTube, that I was quitting social media. The reasons I shared then hold true but two years without social media have brought a deeper understanding. In this episode, I talk about why I quit social media, why I brought back Twitter (and deleted it again), and why I believe social media isn't worth it.

Mentioned in this episode:

A Life on Our Planet by David Attenborough: https://www.ourplanet.com/en/video/david-attenborough-a-life-on-our-planet-trailer/

Collapsing at the side of the road: https://katehildenbrand.com/articles/nobody-helped-when-i-yelled/

The problem with audiobooks: https://katehildenbrand.com/films/book-formats-the-problem-with-audiobooks-and-my-tbr-rules/

Quitting social media: https://youtu.be/YyEXyQ7vngU

Kate Hildenbrand

Kate Hildenbrand

Kate Hildenbrand is the writer behind the essays here, author of fiction novels, the creator of the Kate Hildenbrand podcast, and a student of marine ecology. At least, that's her on the surface.