Kate Hildenbrand

Marine Ecologist, Filmmaker, and Photographer


Octopus bimaculoides - California Two Spot Octopus

As a nature photographer, underwater photographer and conservation filmmaker, I document the Earth’s biodiversity, human impact, and ecosystems. Since learning how to dive in 2018, I have added the underwater world to the places I document with my camera. I am available for assignments worldwide, but mostly focus on my educational materials and pro bono work.


Why does it matter how many species are out there? Are corals upside down sea jellies? Who is causing the climate crisis? I am a professional marine ecologist and conservationist talking about biodiversity, the ocean, and society. I am available for online and in-person live talks as a lecturer and speaker.


Conservation Diver Kate Hildenbrand

I am currently writing my bachelor thesis on Marine Protected Areas, their effectiveness and public perception. In the meantime, a large part of my work is educating the public on marine ecology, biodiversity, and living a life this planet can support. I have lived in four countries and explored the cultures and ecosystems there. Currently, I’m exploring the German Baltic region, but am available for trips worldwide.