Photo, Film, and Words

Octopus bimaculoides - California Two Spot Octopus

As a nature photographer and conservation filmmaker, I document the Earth’s biodiversity, human impact, and ecosystems. In my articles, I share my perception of the world around us, the challenges we face as individuals and societies, and the dire straits we’ve left nature in. I believe there is much that can be done if we stop focusing on stuff and start focusing on each other and ourselves.

Making Waves

Why does it matter how many species are out there? Are corals upside down sea jellies? Who is causing the climate crisis? I am a professional marine ecologist and conservationist talking about biodiversity, the ocean, and society. In my popular Climbing the Tree of Life series, I showcase one rung of the tree of life at a time, from tiny life to the ginormous blue whale. In other series, we focus on marine protection, the zones of the ocean, and how society and the ocean intersect.

Roots & Calluses

Can we live a life in balance? I’ve started down a journey of finding out if I can live a life in balance with nature, a slow life of foraging, home-made meals, and learning about nature with humans as just one part of the ecosystems. I’m learning to grow my own food, to forage for mushrooms, herbs, and berries in the forest, how to prepare meals from scratch, ferment and preserve, but mostly to slow down and appreciate everything around me. I share this journey in vlog-style videos and photos.