You don't have to fit into the box.

Sustainability. Minimalism. A Life Worth Living.

For most of my life, I tried to fit in. I tried to meet be who people wanted me to be. I tried to talk less. I tried to fit the labels others assigned. Challenged by a young man on the verge of his transition to becoming himself, I started to question my assumptions, labels, prejudices. I began a journey of exploring myself and my sexuality, finding my voice and my style. I fell in love with humans, with this planet, even with myself, and decided to dedicate my life to fighting for humanity.

You don't have to meet the expectations. You don't have to fit into the boxes. Dare to question the status quo. Your voice matters. Make it heard.

Stay fucking vigilant and fight for what you believe in.

Yours weirdly,

Kate Hildenbrand Youtube Channel

In early 2019, I started my Youtube channel, originally to talk about my passion of writing, share readings from my books, and to discuss books I read. Slowly, the channel merged into more than a reading channel and books are now barely ever a topic. I talk about minimalism, sustainability, and living a life worth living—with chronic illness and autism. Watch the videos.

Modern-Day Hippie Podcast

The newest member in the Kate Hildenbrand creations is my podcast, an endeavor I have dreamed about but always been too scared to start. It was more than two years after I originally wanted to start a podcast that I finally recorded the first episode. Now, the podcast can be found on a dedicated Youtube channel and anywhere you listen to podcasts. Check out the episodes.


Writing is my passion. When I was younger, I fled into fictional words, reading book after book after book. Later, I started writing poetry and short stories. Soon, novels followed. Over the years, I've improved my writing, published a few books. On this website, you can read my essays about minimalism, sustainability, and living a life worth living. Read my words.


I'll be honest: I suck at sending out newsletters. When I remember (and feel like I have something to say), I send out a newsletter with what I released, as well as any final thoughts I had. If I stumbled upon anything worth sharing, this is also where it goes–essays, poems, books, drawings, whatever resonated that week. Subscribe to my newsletter.