Let's change the course.

Holding the course is easy. We just need to cling to the stirring wheel and keep pushing forward. But most of us aren't happy with where we are or where we are going. Changing the course requires attention, awareness, focus, and small corrections along the way. If we focus on the now instead of worrying about the future or contemplating the past, if we look inward, spend time with ourselves, and focus on creating and growing instead of consuming and swallowing the proverbial pill society prescribes, we can reach a life worth living. Let's change the course—together.

Over the past few decades, humanity has been driven by growth—no, not individual growth, growing as a person. We have focused on accumulating stuff, spending more money than we make, growing the damn economy. More, more, more has been the mantra, chanted by everyone around us. Society imposes expectations (or so we think) as to what is normal, what our lives should look like. If someone doesn't comply with the stuffocated 9 to 5 job, with living to work, with following the norm, they are frowned up—unless they become rich, of course. We talk about this vacation or that new gadget without realizing that we are trying to escape the reality we have created for ourselves. Instead of striving for a life worth living, we fill the void with things. Our possessions don't make us happy. Only we can make ourselves happy.

All of this is easier said than done. After years of working my way through the chaos, I am still far from my destination. Over the past few years, I have grown from a person I barely recognize to the modern-day hippie I now am.

If you want to follow my journey, check out my creations here:

Kate Hildenbrand Youtube Channel

In early 2019, I started my Youtube channel, originally to talk about my passion of writing, share readings from my books, and to discuss books I read. Slowly, the channel merged into more than a reading channel and books are now barely ever a topic. I talk about minimalism, sustainability, and living a life worth living. Watch the videos.

Modern-Day Hippie Podcast

The newest member in the Kate Hildenbrand creations is my podcast, an endeavor I have dreamed about but always been too scared to start. It was more than two years after I originally wanted to start a podcast that I finally recorded the first episode. Now, the podcast can be found on a dedicated Youtube channel and anywhere you listen to podcasts. Check out the episodes.


Writing is my passion. When I was younger, I fled into fictional words, reading book after book after book. Later, I started writing poetry and short stories. Soon, novels followed. Over the years, I've improved my writing, published a few books. On this website, you can read my essays about minimalism, sustainability, and living a life worth living. Read my words.


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