Kate Hildenbrand is a marine ecologist, filmmaker, and educator. She hosts her YouTube channels where she talks about biodiversity, sustainability, and the ocean, and shares her shift to a life in more balance with nature.

Vampire squid in the deep sea.

What lives in the deep sea?

The ocean is huge. The open ocean is a pretty vast space with a whole lot of what feels like nothing. But there’s a lot more life there than you think–and, don’t worry, I’m not talking about plankton. 70% of Earth’s surface is open ocean. Pelagic ecosystems really are the most common ecosystems out there!…


Zones of the Ocean

To most people, the ocean is a more or less flat-surface, just like the ground beneath our feet. But there is so much more under the waves. From the surface to the deepest depths, from the shore to the open ocean, we’ll take it apart—and even get into some special zones. What to expect from…