Reading: Red White and Royal blue by Casey McQuiston

A fluffy, feel-good LGBTQ+ story that kept me up until 3 am. Fleshed out characters you want to take out for a drink and an us-against-the-world story that leaves you feeling good.

Reading History

First Read: September 30, 2021 - October 6, 2022
Second Read: October 7, 2021 - October 13, 2021
Third Read: November 11, 2021 - ongoing
Reading Counter: 1
Rating: 4 - Pretty Good

Summary & Thoughts

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The book kept me up until 3 am. Despite the time, I could only come up with one word to describe the book: it's fucking wholesome.

Most romance books follow the same pattern of them arguing at very predictable intervals with this big misunderstanding and everyone being idiots. Sure, Henry panicked and fled, but it was relatable and realistic, while most issues were them having to conquer issues together.

The writing was one of the highlights of this book, though. Not only the prose Henry wrote, but also the little vulnerabilities Alex shares with him, his stupid lists and metaphors.

And then there's the little details that make this book so much better than other romance novels. While there is little mention of the actual sex (except that it happens), there's tiny details like them arguing over who sleeps in the wet spot on the bed, or that Henry has a travel-sized lube container. Alex's first blow job was "adequate" and Henry later calls it "enthusiastic" to not say it was bad. All those little things really made a difference.

I immediately finished re-listening to the audiobook and purchased a copy of the e-book, which I've been reading in line on my phone over the past few months.

Kate Hildenbrand

Kate Hildenbrand

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