Reading: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I should have been warned by the subtitle, "TikTok Made Me Buy It." Any book that TikTok hypes seems a bad fit for me. If this hadn't been a book club read, I wouldn't have finished it.

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First Read: November 7, 2021 - November 27, 2021
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Rating: 3 - Okay.

Summary & Thoughts

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

I really, really don't care about stars or movies or fandom. It was so hard to connect to Evelyn. And the whole Monique part of the story was unnecessary. Adding the angle of her father being the man who was framed by Evelyn felt staged. The entire resolution felt weird. It all led up to this? I don't know. There were parts I enjoyed, but mostly this book wasn't any good. Evelyn was a bitch who used people for her means. The only character in the book I really liked was Harry, the gay man she married at some point to hide her real relationship with Celia. But then he became a drunk, and I felt for him, but I didn't like him anymore.

Some unimportant journalist called Monique gets the job to write a book about Evelyn Hugo. Evelyn has been married 7 times, Hollywood star, international movies, and all that shit. Turns out she used people all her life to prove things to herself. The first husband was to get out of her father's house. The second was to get in with movie shit. And so on. But really, she loved a woman called Celia. They fuck things up royally a few times, and Evelyn even marries someone else in between, but then they reconnect. She tries to convince her best friend and ex-husband Harry to join her, and he even agrees. He's gay, and it would give him a chance to hide that while living with the man he loves. On the way home, he drives into a tree. Evelyn stages it, so it looks like his lover was the drunk driver. Harry is dead, so Evelyn marries Celia's brother, and they lead a good life. Celia dies, and she stays with him. Then her daughter dies of breast cancer. At some point, her husband dies too, and she is alone. She has breast cancer, but she is old, and she decides to end her life. Before she dies, she tells Monique all her secrets and the story of her life. Monique takes up some of her bitch qualities and manages to leave her husband. She also tells her that the man Harry loved was Monique's father. So, Monique has been living with a lie all her life. Her father wasn't a drunk. Evelyn has a letter from her father to Harry that shows how much her father loved her.

Kate Hildenbrand

Kate Hildenbrand

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