35: Algae blooms, floor sleeping, and corals

Environmental Essentials: Red tides and algae blooms

Florida has been suffering a particularly bad red tide this year. The algae bloom has been killing tons and tons of marine life. Algae blooms and bacteria blooms cause problems all over the world and a lot of them are made worse by human impact.

Main Topic: Update on floor sleeping and walking barefoot

When people hear that I sleep on the floor or that I walk barefoot all the time, they think I am crazy. So today, I'll give you a much-requested update on how things are going. I started sleeping on the floor at the beginning of the year and started walking barefoot soon after.

Biodiversity Basics: Corals (part two)

We continue our dive into the world of coral reefs with a look at the different types of coral and their anatomy. Coral and anemones are super fascinating and beautiful. Before we get into their ecological importance, we'll get a better understanding of what they are.

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