My disappointment with Apple

I've been an avid user of Apple products for years. Since exchanging my Lenovo Yoga for my first MacBook Pro in 2014, I've been using mostly Apple products. I've always complained about Apple's company ethics, but those same ethics typically hold true for all their competition, as well, so it wasn't a reason not to buy their products. I can't exactly not own a laptop.

I bought Final Cut Pro X a few years ago to edit my videos. To be honest, the only reason I used for as long as I did was that I paid very good money for it. But I soon had to give in and get the Adobe Creative Cloud to be able to use Premiere Pro. And that worked for a few years until they both charged more for the subscription and worked on the products less. With time, their products got worse and worse. Their customer service was useless. I was fed up. And I knew I still had that final cut license. There had been quite a few updates since I last tried Final Cut Pro X, so I canceled Adobe and gave it another go.

Things worked okay-ish for a while, but with the last few updates, things got continually worse and worse again.

When I tried editing my last podcast episode, it took me an entire day to edit 30 minutes of recorded audio down to 10. An entire day!

Why? Well, despite working on tiny audio files, Final Cut just wouldn't load the waveforms. Each time I did anything (zoom, scroll, cut), the waveforms disappeared and I had to wait 30+ seconds for them to come back.

So, naturally, I tried to contact their support, but instead of getting help, I got an error message that their support gets to many inquiries and I shouldn't try again later. Not even an option to send an email or a contact form. They just closed down support. How that's allowed or okay or anything is beyond me, but it's true.

I tried their forums, but as everyone there is in the same boat and desperately trying to get help from Apple, you don't get anywhere. Reddit couldn't help either, but I found out that this is a known issue without a known solution.

At this point, I had edited for four hours and gotten to minute 3 of the podcast. No, this wouldn't do. At this rate, I'd be editing for days. And my exams are next week, so I definitely have things to do.

So, after some research into alternative options, I downloaded a trial of Hindenburg Journalism, which is doing the trick nicely. What I'll do when the trial runs out is still pretty much up in the air. I really can't afford to buy new software, but I also can't waste hours waiting around for Final Cut to create waveforms. And without waveforms, editing a podcast is impossible.

Cod, this is annoying.

I'll have to figure that all out after my exams. After my exams, I also want to run some audio tests and see if I can get rid of the reverb (what normal people would call echo) by hiding underneath my blanket while recording. If I'm no longer doing video, that's an actual option.

If it works, I'll ask my husband to create a funny behind the scenes photo for you. Can't deprive the world of making fun of me, of course.

In the meantime, don't let technology drive you into insanity. Stay safe. Stay vigilant. And take fucking good care of yourselves!

Kate Hildenbrand

Kate Hildenbrand

Kate Hildenbrand is the writer behind the essays here, author of fiction novels, the creator of the Kate Hildenbrand podcast, and a student of marine ecology. At least, that's her on the surface.