35: Algae blooms, floor sleeping, and corals

Environmental Essentials: Red tides and algae blooms

Florida has been suffering a particularly bad red tide this year. The algae bloom has been killing tons and tons of marine life. Algae blooms and bacteria blooms cause problems all over the world and a lot of them are made worse by human impact.

Main Topic: Update on floor sleeping and walking barefoot

When people hear that I sleep on the floor or that I walk barefoot all the time, they think I am crazy. So today, I'll give you a much-requested update on how things are going. I started sleeping on the floor at the beginning of the year and started walking barefoot soon after.

Biodiversity Basics: Corals (part two)

We continue our dive into the world of coral reefs with a look at the different types of coral and their anatomy. Coral and anemones are super fascinating and beautiful. Before we get into their ecological importance, we'll get a better understanding of what they are.

CORRECTION: Karenia brevis is also not a plant. It belongs to the group of the Chromista. In the current structure of the tree of life, they are categorized as Protists, so while they are definitely not bacteria, they aren't plants either. They are photosynthetic protists. In the proposed 7-kingdom structure, the Chromista are their own group. Cod, this deserves its own video.

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